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Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Four Tet, No Age, Gang Gang Dance, Rustie and a myriad of others join forces for new project PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rusty Odom   
Thursday, 24 October 2013 19:11





Everything is New is a joyous and invigorating two-part international outreach project in aid of Dalit "untouchable" children in southeast India. Curated by Scottish arts community Transgressive North, it consists of two separate music releases - Marram's Sun Choir featuring Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone, White Hinterland, and Margaret Bennett, and BOATS by various artists, including Four Tet, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Califone, Deerhoof, El Guincho, Gang Gang Dance, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Max Tundra, No Age, The Ruby Suns, Rustie, Son Lux, Sun Airway, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Taken By Trees, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), YACHT, and many more. Both releases feature the voices of the Light of Love Children's Choir.

Proceeds from the project go to the charity, Scottish Love in Action, which feeds, clothes, houses, educates and provides medical care for over 500 children by funding the Light of Love Home and School in southeast India. Children from the Light of Love Home and School make up the Light of Love Children's Choir.





Sun Choir by Edinburgh-based band Marram is an exuberant celebration of global community and cross-cultural friendship. It features collaborations by renowned musical personalities from around the world, including Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone, Irvine Welsh, Margaret Bennett and White Hinterland, singing alongside the Light of Love Children's Choir. Recorded over 6 years in 3 different continents, it is the Sagrada Familia of post-rave, orchestral art pop. Each track displays a towering symphonic ambition, featuring the voices of the Light of Love Children's Choir among 200 instruments, including full orchestras and 1000-voice choirs.

Sun Choir Tracklisting:

01. Icarus Hope Choir

02. Amma

03. What If We (feat. Jarvis Cocker)

04. We Fly a Kite (feat. Margaret Bennett)

05. With Us Instead (feat. Owen Pallett)

06. Valuables (Intro)

07. Valuables (feat. doseone and Irvine Welsh)

08. The Butterfly, The Moon (feat. White Hinterland)

09. Seed I (Root, Shoot)

10. Seed II (Flare)

11. Falling From The Sun (feat. Jarvis Cocker and Margaret Bennett)

BOATS is a 29-track double album featuring exclusive tracks from Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, No Age, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Rustie, Son Lux, YACHT, Califone, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Sun Airway, Taken by Trees, Capybara, Deerhoof, doseone, El Guincho, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Matthewdavid, Max Tundra, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, The Ruby Suns, rRoxymore, Slanter, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and White Hinterland. Each individual act used samples of the Light of Love Children's Choir, recorded for Marram's Sun Choir, to create a new song of any length and description. As a result, BOATS is a diverse and kaleidoscopic concept-album with the children's voices at its core.


A Conversation with Odesza PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jordan Knight   
Tuesday, 08 October 2013 10:37


Crammed in my small office in the back of a concert venue, I have been talking with the guys from Odesza about the chill wave music that the two of them make.

It's calming and exhilarating at the same time. It's what I have been listening to all day while I pour endlessly over the Internet in search of potential bands to bring to our fair city. When it ends, I simply start it over again. They capture the feel of the beach, the movement of the water and a car ride in the early evening hours so splendidly that one listen simply isn’t enough.

Harrison Mills and Clay Knight met their senior year of college and the collaboration is unequivocally alluring. With the recent release of their sophomore EP, “My Friends Never Die” an upbeat move from their first “Summer's Gone,” they have moved more toward the forefront of their craft. Over the course of the conversation, we discuss their mysterious name, mixing techniques and their new EP.

Odesza as a name doesn’t explain what you are about to experience. The concept, however, is simple. “We wanted to be called Odessa. When we looked it up online there were a bunch of metal bands that had called themselves that already. Not the most climactic story, but we put a z on it as our little twist and thought it looked nice and memorable.”

Both of the guys were already in the electronic scene before the formation of Odesza. “We were going our own directions. Harrison was doing down tempo hip hop stuff. I (Clay) was doing some dancy weird stuff and we got together to collaborate on some stuff and one thing lead to the next. Our first song may have been, ”How Do I Get to You.” It was either that or “If You Don't.” Usually someone will have a really basic loop and we'll work it back and forth between us. We will be in the same room working on the same loop, bouncing ideas back and forth until we have almost too much stuff going on and then we start trimming down what we like and don’t like. We try to do it together as much as possible. We go over to each others houses every other day and figure out what to work on when were not hanging out.”



An Interview with Jesse Miller of Lotus PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michaela Marchardt   
Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:14


Lotus, currently on tour with their brand new album, Monks, played at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on September 18th. The brothers Luke and Jesse Miller formed the band back in 1999. Although they’re mainly known as a festival band, they’ve been able to build a strong fan base and have released several studio albums since their beginning days.

The five-piece band is known to be a multi-genre band, always evolving their sound. But for the most part, they tend to gravitate toward elements of electronica mixed with that particular jam band flair that festival-goers love so deeply. Not so much this time, Monks is a completely different album compared to any of their previous work. It’s a hip-hop album that features famous rap artists such as Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, Mr. Lif and many more.

Unfortunately, their show did not draw a very large audience. It’s hard to compete with the Americana Music Festival and Conference, which also kicked off that night. Regardless, Lotus brought an energetic performance, rewarding its fans with familiar tunes rather than just promoting their new album tracks.

Prior to the show, Jesse Miller agreed to an interview with Blank News.

This new album can be purchased on iTunes or you can name your own price and download it via their Bandcamp page:

Blank: Monks is very different. Tell me why you wanted to do a hip-hop album. And what was the experience like working with rap artists?

J. Miller: It wasn’t something we really set out to do, but we had a lot of fun putting it together. Musically we’re mostly an instrumental band, so usually we focus on how everything works together and making it work very tightly together. For this project, it was like, what can we get rid of to leave room for the MCs and really showcase the voices and strip everything down. We didn’t just want to jam an MC into one of our tracks.


An Interview with The Revivalists PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Sarah Waldrip   
Thursday, 03 October 2013 15:28

Reclaiming the Rock, Expanding the Roll

An interview with the summer’s most sizzling new rock and roll heroes, The Revivalists

By noon on the fourth day of a four- day long music festival, it’s astonishing that any band could create a stir amidst the festival goers’ much needed sleep and rehydration rituals. But however unlikely, it was unmistakable what happened during the sunny noon set on July 21 at the 17th annual All Good Music Festival in Thornville, Ohio. As their name promised, The Revivalists took the stage and delivered all the energy that we several thousand in the concert field needed to perk up and come back to life.

Although they are new faces rising on the festival circuit, The Revivalists have repeatedly opened for bands like Government Mule and JJ Grey and Mofro in the past, serving as proof that these guys can rock with the best. Their consistent rave reviews and total-package live performances have propelled them to astonishing heights in barely more than half a decade.

The New Orleans- based septet officially formed in 2007 after accidentally discovering lead vocalist David Shaw singing on a porch near the street. With that last piece of the puzzle in place, the group began working non-stop to build on their natural chemistry and solidify a sound of their own, one that both honors the rock legends of the past and embraces the dynamic, genre-bending trends of the present. Like a reflection of the challenges in the city that brought them together, they found unity in their diversity by combining their influences in both music and life.

After six years of hard work and relentless touring, The Revivalists have an incredible stamina and versatility; their spontaneity and animated engagement with one another, as well as the audience, is a staple in their live show which we definitely saw first-hand at All Good this year. Regardless of exhaustion, venue size or location they emanate a natural, raw energy when they take the stage, balancing effortlessly between dynamic rhythms, funky sax and trumpet, soulful pedal steel, in-your-face vocals and fiery guitar shreds.

The members of the band were all more than happy to sit down with BLANK after their Sunday performance at All Good Festival to talk about their past and present inspirations, melding of influences, commitment to live performance and their bigger than ever plans in store for the fall and winter, including a new album in the works. They’ve put in the miles together and established a deep bond as friends and professionals, and their personal chemistry on the stage carried fluidly off the stage for a laugh-a-minute lighthearted chat in the waning hours of the festival.

Interview with Passion Pit's Ian Hultquist PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jordan Knight   
Thursday, 12 September 2013 11:00

It’s 4:30 p.m. on Friday the 14th, when Passion Pit converges on the What Stage at The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

There is a radiant light coming from the Tennessee summer sky. The eruption is palpable.

In unison, the crowd lifts as if propelled towards the heavens in a joyous dance that continues to gain momentum for the next hour and a half.

To describe a Passion Pit show is akin to a long discussion on surfing...sooner than later you will lose your audience, but once you have been bitten by the bug you will never fully recover.

Now it’s several weeks later, the sky is full of scattered clouds, moving quickly and spouting rain as they deem appropriate. I am driving quickly through my neighborhood, trying to get to a point of optimal cell service and possibly a place to pull off the road for safety’s sake.

My phone begins to play loud indie rock, alerting me that the time is now, cell service and parking be damned. Passion Pit’s Ian Hultquist is calling, and I am pulling off the road in moving traffic. I find my spot and Hultquist tells me all about the band's unexpected beginnings, its love for Bonnaroo, and his circus act designed for cramming people into a van.

Ian Hultquist (far right)

Ian Hultquist (far right)

Bonnaroo celebrated its 11th year in 2013. Passion Pit took to the main stage and wowed the audience with their high energy and danceable hits in the heat of the late afternoon sunshine. Ian and the gang were energized and ready to rock in what would be the most memorable blocks of music during the festival.

“It was great. It was my third time there; my second time performing,” Hultquist said. “I have known that festival for years now and love going to it and playing it. The fact that we got to play on the main stage in front of Wilco and then Paul McCartney consecutively was a dream come true for me. I’ve been listening to The Beatles since I was born and I’m from Chicago and Wilco is my favorite band.”

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