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Written by Sarah Waldrip   
Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:30

Spotlight on East Tennessee's Own: Daily, Live, and Free!

WDVX 89.9 Blue Plate Special radio show is serving you the best regional and local artists of roots, bluegrass, folk, country, rock and much more, live and always free at the Knoxville Visitor Center from noon to 1 p.m. every Monday through Saturday.


On the Menu: What the Blue Plate Special is cookin’ up April and May, 2013


April 19: Samuel Williams Orchestra / Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Local group Samuel Williams Orchestra hits the Blue Plate Special with a fantastic match up, not because the two bands sound alike, but because they share much of the same spirit. One thing that sets The Fourchestra apart is also right up the same jazz-fusion alley as last month’s guests, the Great Barrier Reefs, incorporating a steel drum player to a funk-jazz root sound. However, the Fourchestra is more straight-forward jazz composition at heart with just three players. In fact, Jonathan Scales’ classical training and passion for composition are what led him to the steel pans originally, and eventually to share his gift with artists like Jeff Coffin (of Dave Matthews Band), Yonrico Scott and Kofi Burbridge (formerly of Derek Trucks Band) and fiddle virtuoso Casey Driessen.


April 23: Doc Marshalls / Kym Warner and Carl Miner

Australian Kym Warner and Carl Miner of critically acclaimed Americana-bluegrass group The Greenncards will be pairing up with the unique Cajun-country roots music of Doc Marshalls. Both acts come from a well-seasoned background and a knack for arrangements that defy traditional genres yet do great respect to them at the same time. These two acts together will make for an impressive hour of music spanning the width of American roots music while leaping into the present with lyrics and inventive creativity.


May 8: Bill Mize / RB Morris & Hector Qirko

Sevier County, Tenn. native Bill Mize is a finger-picking master featured in magazines and honored by critics for his impressive skill. His acoustic performances are captivating and elegantly complex, and his style rooted in the South still rings with the music of the hills amidst the intricacies of his compositions. He’ll be paired up with local rock guitar hero RB Morris and long-time blues-bluegrass guitarist Hector Qirko, known for his work with The Lonesome Coyotes. Morris and Qirko have a long creative history together and are widely acknowledged as two of Knoxville’s most notable and accomplished musicians. If you have any pride as a Knoxville rocker, This is a show you don’t want to miss.


Clean Plate Club: Blue Plate’s finest for February and March, 2013


March 23: Red Shoes and Rosin

This locally based, all girl old-time string trio are pretty new together but definitely worth second helpings, which is why they also appeared on the WDVX Tennessee Shines Radio Show the following Monday night. They blend the traditional string band style with a confident attitude to deliver original songs that have spunk and class at the same time.


March 28: Roger Hurricane Wilson / April Verch

WDVX was proud to welcome back singer-writer Roger Hurricane Wilson to the show. The audience packed in the Visitor Center to hear him play his famous blues and talk about his incredible career working with artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dickey Betts, Buddy Guy and B.B. King, to name a few. April Verch was also a returning guest to the show with an impressive set of fiddle and tap-dancing. And, yes, she does them at the same time.


March 30: Toney

This four piece Virginia based blues-rock band blew the hair back on a few faces at this Knoxville debut performance. Toney’s progressive take on a classic rock style is instrumentally solid yet emotionally raw. Modest at first, the players soon revealed a bolder side of the music once they got warmed up, shaking up the visitors center with some volume and attitude.


April 1: Jack Rentfro and the Apocolypso Quartet

Jack Rentfro’s yearly April Fool’s Day performance was bitingly humorous and intentionally close to home. A Knoxville native, Rentfro explored the many ironies of life as we know it while The Quartet’s eerie grooves and soundscapes guided listeners through the musical twilight zone of Rentfro’s mind, where no one escapes the big joke of modernity.


April 2: Great Barrier Reefs

This Nashville based Great Barrier Reefs take jazz influenced technique and apply it to funk, hip-hop, reggae, drum and base beats, pop and just about anything with a positive attitude. Complete with sax/flute, drums, bass, guitar, and steel drum, they achieve a remarkably fresh sound that’s danceable and infectiously fun. They have a blast on stage too, smiling non-stop and keeping positive vibes going from start to finish.


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